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Authenticity has become such a buzz word lately.

And I've got to give it to the likes of Brene Brown who have made authenticity accessible to the everyday person. Conversations online and in books (to name a few) have helped us unpack the concept more clearly. Even with all this information out there, it's completely normal to feel like you're drowning or fumbling on this journey. But remember, chasing authentic is a process more than it is a
destination so be patient with yourself!

Hi, I'm Sonia Dee

Founder and Life Story Coach at The Authenticity Chaser. I help everyday people face themselves and rewrite their life story so they can live a more authentic and fulfilled life.

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About Life Story Coaching

I believe that in order to to re-write your story, you need to learn vulnerability and authenticity with yourself then with others. In my own journey, I have worked through adjusting and re-writing my life story from one of victimhood, low self-worth, people-pleasing, co-dependency and fear to one of victory, self-acceptance, authenticity and courage. I qualified with a Diploma in Communications & Counselling specializing in Life Coaching in 2016 from the South African College of Applied Psychology and today I use the Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy model to help you awaken your true identity.

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